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Commercial Photography License downtown St. Petersburg Florida skyline by Free Art Friday DTSP

I was contacted this week by Free Art Friday DTSP about licensing one of my many downtown St. Petersburg skyline panorama images for use on their new Facebook page.  After the client finalized their choice for what photo, since it is for a Facebook cover image, which needs to be 851x315 (crazy, I know) a specific crop of the image had to be decided upon.  I then provided the client with the image in exact resolution to fit neatly into their Facebook cover image space.  Of course, unfortunately, for some unknown reason Facebook remains the only major website to reduce image quality of images uploaded to it.  Still, the image chosen holds up well and works complimentary with the standard Facebook background color.

Be sure and visit and "like" support this new project to showcase and promote local St. Petersburg art and culture.

The Pier Trolley at St. Petersburg Florida Fine Art Image

The Pier trolley in its own lane on The Pier causeway in St. Petersburg Florida - Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50mm @ f/11 ISO 200 1/250th on Induro CT214 tripod with cable release

Sometimes a shot just appears and if the photographer is fast enough, it can be captured.  Such was the case with this photograph featuring The Pier in the background and The Pier Trolley coming (very closely) toward me as I made this image from the narrow median dividing the causeway for public usage and trolley only usage.  The seagull in the shot I can take no credit for.  It was just a happy coincidence the bird ended up in the shot.

I was not out specifically to make images of my own as I was in the middle of teaching a 1-on-1 DSLR Photography Lesson, but after I helped the student set up her shot (same as above) I had a chance to quickly get my tripod into position to capture this scene too.  I already knew as we approached I wanted both of us to have our tripod legs fully closed so as to be as low to the ground as possible.  I wanted an exaggerated point of view.  At the time I had no idea any trolleys would be passing by.  I was hoping simply for a shot of The Pier using the curb as a leading line.  Again, when an opportunity presents itself it really helps to be quick with your photography gear to give yourself the best shot at getting the photo.

Sunrise Dawn Sky Over Smacks Bayou Snell Isle St Petersburg Florida Fine Art

The sunrise dawn sky over Smacks Bayou as seen from my back patio - Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50mm @ f/8 ISO 200 1/60th handheld 

 Every morning I am outside, briefly around 6:30am.  It is almost like clockwork, but it is not my clock that keeps this schedule, rather it is Kiki's.  She wants to go out to pee then quickly come back inside to eat breakfast, then we both go back to sleep until a more sane time to fully wake up.  At this time of year (April) this morning ritual coincides with late dawn just before the actual sunrise.  In the approximate 2-minutes we are outside I usually look at the horizon through not quite wet enough contacts and note what color can be found in the sky this particular morning.

Yesterday the water of Smacks Bayou was particularly calm producing a fairly clean reflection.  My senses were of course not fully functioning, but after feeding Kiki her breakfast I did go back out to make a few handheld photos of the above scene.  I should have been using a tripod of course, but I did not have the ambition or coordination at that moment to fumble with putting on the tripod plate, etc.  I think what I will do to remedy this is already have my camera mounted on my tripod before I go to bed, so should the dawn sky be particularly beautiful, all I have to do is step outside, compose and click the cable release letting the gear do most of the work for me.  

Downtown St. Petersburg Waterfront Panorama Print in The Hangar Restaurant

Jason standing next to his 16 foot wide and 5 foot tall panorama print in The Hangar Restaurant St. Petersburg 

After seeing some of my downtown St. Petersburg panorama prints in ARC Printing, the owner of The Hangar, Steve Westphal, contacted me about getting a large print for wall display.  The final size came out to be 16'x5' made up of four 4'x5' panels.  This is the largest print of one of my photographs by square area made to date.  The image itself is a 6-shot panorama of the St. Petersburg downtown waterfront featuring The Pier, the new Dali Museum, Progress Energy Park and Albert Whitted Airport (where The Hangar is located).

The Hangar located at Albert Whitted Airport 540 1st St SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701It is always great to see one's work in print, especially on such a large scale.  Have lunch at The Hangar and see the print up close!

Thanks again to Mike of ARC Printing for his help in producing a very tricky print.  I highly recommend other photographers use ARC Printing for their large scale prints as they produce a high quality product and Mike has the best customer service I have ever experienced.  Visit the official ARC website for location and ask for Mike and tell them that Jason sent you!

Sunset Beach Florida Panorama Landscape at Twilight

Sunset Beach Treasure Island Florida at Twilight - click to view at 1800px - 4-shot panorama image - available for commercial license and fine art print

I have heard that Montana is called Big Sky Country.  Picturing that in my mind has fascinated me for years.  I have lived in claustrophobic places, where glimpes of the sky are all that is allowed.  Fortunately, for a majority of my life I have been able to gaze westward across a 180 degree expanse of the Gulf of Mexico.  The horizon is not infinity, it is Texas.  Still, since 1992 when I first discovered Sunset Beach, it has become a sacred place to me.  

A whole novel could be written about my time on that half mile strip of sand over the past 19 years, though I would not want to share those stories, at least not yet.  For now I will only share the view that has given me solace and freedom of mind.  

Mahaffey Theater to Marina St. Petersburg Waterfront Panorama Florida

Click to see 2500px wide version - Mahaffey Theater on the left St. Petersburg downtown center - image available for fine art print & commercial license, call today! 813-240-5357

  • This panorama photograph available for fine art print & commercial license, inquire today! 

I am spending more time at the new Dali Museum and discovering the very different views of the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront it offers.  The above panorama photograph was made from a parking lot across from the museum at twilight.  Here I detailed my process for creating such panoramas. 

From this vantage point The Pier does not dominate the waterfront, and can only barely be seen behind the sailboat masts toward the right of the photo.  Instead, the Mahaffey Theater is the most prominent structure.  There is also a gradual light falloff from left to right instead of the harsher light falloffs when photographing directly into the sun.  I look forward to returning to this location to find more panorama photograph opportunities.

Palm Tree Horizon Twilight Pink to Blue Fine Art Photograph St Petersburg Florida

A low angle view of The Pier with a palm tree horizon & pink to blue twilight sky - Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens @ f/11 ISO 200 1/60th mounted on Induro CT214 tripod with Nikon MC-30 cable release

The most interesting period of the 24 hours we call a day, for me, is the transition from day to night.  Surprisingly, this is something that can be captured in a photograph.  The blue sky of day first turns pink (as seen above) in twlight before sinking to complete black at night.  What if the Earth always faced the sun as the Moon always faces the Earth?  What type of creatures would have evolved on a world with constant sunlight?  Everything on Earth is so cyclical.  I wonder about a world where everything is constant.