St. Petersburg Florida Downtown Sunset Panorama High Detail

Click image for LARGE 5000px detailed version - 14-shot panorama of downtown St. Petersburg Florida at sunsetWhat you see above, if you can see anything, is a 14-shot panorama photograph of the downtown St. Petersburg, Florida skyline at sunset.  The panorama image was made by using Photomerge in Photoshop CS5.  

This type of image is incredibly easy to make: 

  • just take consecutive, level, same exposure shots
  • overlap the final third of each shot
  • put all the photos into a single folder
  • open up Photoshop CS5
  • in the Automate menu choose Photomerge
  • sit back and let your computer's CPU do some serious processing

in a few minutes you will have created your own panorama image! 

--inquire about licensing this image or ordering prints for your office or home