DSLR Photography Lesson with Holly at Sunset at The Pier St. Petersburg

Holly basked in light from the setting sun practices at The Pier St. Petersburg during our 3rd lesson togetherOn a day filled with rain in St. Petersburg, I was able to dodge most of it by morning and by evening to first have a DSLR Photography Lesson with Cindy at The Pier in the A.M. and to close the day with another lesson at The Pier with Holly.  Only poor Kiki got short changed today by having her dog park time cut short by a sudden downpour!

This was Holly's third lesson in a week's time, as she bought the discounted 4-pack of lessons.  We met in downtown St. Petersburg then made our way to The Pier as the final few raindrops of the evening storm fell harmlessly onto our lenses.  This was another lesson focusing on two things:  how to knowingly change settings to get correct evening exposures and how to creatively compose for making photographs out of what others see as just nothing, or do not even see at all.  

This brought us up, down and all around The Pier.  The roof easily provided the best views and the rainstorm left behind a spectacular sunset.  We still of course found some time to photograph the pelicans that like to hangout around there too.  I am pretty sure I saw the same rust colored female as this morning!

By the end of the lesson Holly was starting to be able to understand how to adjust her aperture and shutter speed to create a better exposed twilight image, as in if the image is too dark for your liking, then increasing the shutter speed and/or the aperture is necessary to brighten it up.  Want to create a silhouette shot?  Then increase the shutter speed so only the sky has any color.  

We ended the lesson with me convincing Holly that a tripod is certainly a worthwhile investment as I let her borrow mine to create some fantastic urban sunset shots of downtown St. Petersburg.  

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