Mahaffey Theater to Marina St. Petersburg Waterfront Panorama Florida

Click to see 2500px wide version - Mahaffey Theater on the left St. Petersburg downtown center - image available for fine art print & commercial license, call today! 813-240-5357

  • This panorama photograph available for fine art print & commercial license, inquire today! 

I am spending more time at the new Dali Museum and discovering the very different views of the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront it offers.  The above panorama photograph was made from a parking lot across from the museum at twilight.  Here I detailed my process for creating such panoramas. 

From this vantage point The Pier does not dominate the waterfront, and can only barely be seen behind the sailboat masts toward the right of the photo.  Instead, the Mahaffey Theater is the most prominent structure.  There is also a gradual light falloff from left to right instead of the harsher light falloffs when photographing directly into the sun.  I look forward to returning to this location to find more panorama photograph opportunities.