Florida Commercial Photography Prints featured in ARC Printing St. Petersburg

Two of my St. Petersburg photographs featured in the ARC Digital Copy Center Storefront - get them for your storefront today!Soon after I brought my photography business to St. Petersburg a little over two years ago, I met Mike of ARC Digital Copy Center (previously NGI).  He has been greatly helping my business ever since with his outstanding print products and even better customer service.  So when he contacted me wanting to license some of my local St. Petersburg photographs for the new location of his print shop, I was very happy to be able to return some of the favors he had long been doing for me.  Both images in the storefront above are of Coffeepot Bayou near Snell Isle.  Mike told me people are always stopping and posing to take photos of themselves in front of my photographs.   

The panorama of the St. Petersburg waterfront is a huge 18 foot x 4 foot print! -- get it for your business or home today!Inside the print shop are two very large panel prints of panorama shots of the St. Petersburg downtown area (see larger images here).  The one in the photo above is 18 feet wide and 4 feet tall.  That size is available for purchase directly from me and will be printed right at ARC Digital Copy Center keeping all the business local to St. Petersburg.  A waterfall photograph I made at Rainbow Springs can be seen on the glass sliding door as well.

St. Petersburg downtown panorama featuring the new Signature Tower and Al Lang StadiumThe panorama seen above of Signature Tower and Al Lang Stadium has proven a popular print.  A couple that lives in Signature and whose condo is visible in the photo purchased a large print for display in their condo.  If you know someone who lives in Signature a print would make a great gift. 

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