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Commercial Photography License downtown St. Petersburg Florida skyline by Free Art Friday DTSP

I was contacted this week by Free Art Friday DTSP about licensing one of my many downtown St. Petersburg skyline panorama images for use on their new Facebook page.  After the client finalized their choice for what photo, since it is for a Facebook cover image, which needs to be 851x315 (crazy, I know) a specific crop of the image had to be decided upon.  I then provided the client with the image in exact resolution to fit neatly into their Facebook cover image space.  Of course, unfortunately, for some unknown reason Facebook remains the only major website to reduce image quality of images uploaded to it.  Still, the image chosen holds up well and works complimentary with the standard Facebook background color.

Be sure and visit and "like" support this new project to showcase and promote local St. Petersburg art and culture.

Commercial Photograph License by Silver Vine website - green leaves

"Last Green Leaves of Autumn" licensed by Silver Vine graphic design & featured on the home page

Andrew, a graphic designer from Australia, contacted me about using my "Last Green Leaves of Autumn" photograph on his business website (view here).  This image has already been published in the largest English language magazine in Japan, Metropolis, as its photo of the week in October 2008 (see bottom of page).  I was more than happy to license the image to Andrew who I think put it to very good use on the home page of his business website.  

Andrew's request spurred me on to formally offer a single location for browsing and getting information about licensing my photographs.  All this information is now located on a single page:


I hope to be able to provide images to more great clients like Andrew sharing my photographs of Florida, Japan and more.