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Last Green Leaves Before Autumn 2019

Last Green Leaves Before Autumn 2019

Wandering makes photos

If anyone asks me how did I learn photography, I tell them, by walking the streets of Tokyo for hundreds of hours with my very first DSLR camera, a Nikon D80. What is great about living in a city with wide spread public transportation is you can take a train to one area, walk randomly to where your eyes take you, then just hop on another train and get back home without having to worry about returning to where your car is parked. This is how I went about finding one of my more famous photos, at least in Japan, which I titled, “Last Green Leaves Before Autumn.” I submitted it to Metropolis Magazine (the largest weekly English magazine in Japan) and they featured it in the Photo of the Week section. Picking up a copy of the magazine the Friday afternoon it came out and seeing my photo featured inside, I was stunned and even stopped strangers passing by to say (in English), “that’s my photo!” It was a moment of exhileration I have rarely ever felt again.

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Photography Tip -- photograph green before Autumn colors arrive

Shoot green in Autumn - Tokyo, Japan - Nikon D80 Nikkor 50mm @ f/1.8 ISO 400 1/100thWhile I was still living in Japan, a random photo of green leaves and bokeh (view here) happened to garner the most attention of any photo I had taken to that date.  I think it had more to do with the title than the shot itself.  I called the photo, "Last Green Leaves Before Autumn."  Tokyo has four distinct seasons so green leaves do not last year round like they mostly do here in Florida.  So my thinking for this photography tip was to go against the grain and recommend shooting green one last time before autumn foliage takes over the photography world.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP -- photograph the last green leaves of Autumn


Show us the last green in your neighborhood with a link to your photo in the comments below.  Does anyone live where this already no green left?? 

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  • Commercial Photograph License by Silver Vine website - green leaves

    "Last Green Leaves of Autumn" licensed by Silver Vine graphic design & featured on the home page

    Andrew, a graphic designer from Australia, contacted me about using my "Last Green Leaves of Autumn" photograph on his business website (view here).  This image has already been published in the largest English language magazine in Japan, Metropolis, as its photo of the week in October 2008 (see bottom of page).  I was more than happy to license the image to Andrew who I think put it to very good use on the home page of his business website.  

    Andrew's request spurred me on to formally offer a single location for browsing and getting information about licensing my photographs.  All this information is now located on a single page:


    I hope to be able to provide images to more great clients like Andrew sharing my photographs of Florida, Japan and more.