5th DSLR Photography Lesson with Rosa - Architecture

Rosa using her Canon T1i to photograph some of the modern architecture in downtown St Petersburg

My longest tenured DSLR Photography Lesson student, Rosa, just took her 5th lesson on Sunday (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th).  Thank you Rosa for your continued interest in photography lessons!  We have already covered many topics, including using external flash for portraits, photographing your children playing sports, as well as shooting in low light.  For our 5th lesson we focused on architecture, and briefly on macro, one of the most challenging forms of photography.  As is often the case, downtown St. Petersburg served as the backdrop.  

I like to have foreground objects when photographing architecture whenever possible.

Of course, as with most forms of outdoor photography, the best time to photography architecture is during the golden hours around sunrise and sunset.  Given that our lesson was from 10am to 12pm, we focused more on what I think is the other key to architecture photography besides the light, that is, angles.  The angles you can find in any given structure of interest are what I usually focus on first, then the next angle is the angle I will compose my photograph from.  

Rosa started to find her own interesting angles as our lesson went on, which to me is the goal of these lessons - to point the student in the right direction then let them go where their own creativity takes them.  

Thanks again to Rosa and I look forward to even more lessons on into 2010.