DSLR Photography Lesson with Rosa at John's Pass

Rosa getting a little help from a dolphin during our second DSLR photography lesson.

Rosa and I met for our second DSLR Photography Lesson at John's Pass Village (first lesson report).  The threat of rain loomed over the beginning of the lesson, but in the end we got lucky enough with the weather.

During this second lesson Rosa wanted to practice getting focus locks on moving objects.  Her son plays baseball and she has been impressing the other parents with some of her shots already, but wanted to get some further practice in.  Since her son's baseball season is over for the year already, we practiced on some birds flying around John's Pass Village instead.

Rosa and I waited for 5 minutes for this seagull to take off, but no enticing it from its perch without a food offering.

There were plenty of pelicans and seagulls flying around for focus target practice, as well as a few dolphins too.  Rosa using her Canon T1i did well getting the relatively small in frame birds in focus using her T1i's multi-point focus system.

After this we walked across the street from the village to the beach to have our first portrait practice.  I was the model for all of those shots so maybe Rosa will send one in to include later.  The overcast skies did not offer much natural light, but some sun rays did pop out a bit allowing for some natural light portrait practice.  I taught Rosa what focal lengths to use with what apertures to achieve the desired DoF for portraits.

Our luck did run out with the rain, but we were able to take cover without getting that wet which allowed us to practice low light portrait and landscape photography.  We even practiced using manual settings to properly expose the John's Pass Village streetscape with long two and three second exposures.  

I look forward to seeing the results of this lesson when Rosa makes portraits of her family over the Thanksgiving holiday!


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