DSLR Photography Lesson with Rosa and her daughter as a model

For our third DSLR photography lesson, Rosa practices bouncing her speedlight off a side wall.This is already my third lesson with Rosa! (first - second)  She has done some significant shopping since our last lesson about two weeks ago.  She has added to her lens collection with the purchase of a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, and a larger camera bag to store all three of her lenses in.  She's added a tripod, and most excitingly, a 430 EX II speedlight!  Rosa also brought her daughter, Kristina, with her to be a practice model for portraits.  I cannot say enough how great Christina was, and patient too, with our 2-hours of posing her all over the Plant Museum building on the University of Tampa Campus.  

We started with practicing portraits out on the front porch of the Plant Museum building just like I would my own portrait clients.  Here I showed Rosa the best places for Christina to stand in order to make best use of natural light in addition to the light from her speedlight.  

A portrait of Christina I made while Rosa was getting setup.

As in previous lessons, Rosa was a fast learner and soon was totally getting into portrait making mode, even helping out Kristina with scarf placement and other set design stuff.  We made good use of all the new gear she bought, even the tripod as she put her Canon T1i with her new 50mm f/1.8 lens onto the tripod for natural light portrait practice.

I'm sure once her family sees the portraits she made of Kristina, they are going to be hounding her even more to photograph them too!

Thanks again to Kristina for being such a trooper of a model and to Rosa for another great, and different, DSLR photography lesson.


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