Family Sports DSLR Photography Lesson with Rosa

Matthew and Kristina as model's for Rosa's family sports DSLR photography lesson

For Rosa's fourth (1st, 2nd, 3rdDSLR Photography Lesson, we headed to a waterfront park in downtown Saint Petersburg to practice family sports photography with her children as the athlete-models.  Her son Matthew will begin the baseball season soon, and Kristina plays volleyball.  For this lesson we did not practice the particulars of photographing baseball nor volleyball, but instead just the basics of using continuous focus mode and tracking action.  We covered using multi-point and single point focus settings, as well as a bit of flash action photography.  

Besides being the photography teacher, I was also the quarterback and main frisbee thrower as Rosa focused on trying to catch her children in mid-catch with her Canon T1i.  

I believe for our next lesson we will go to an actual baseball diamond and get into the best angles for photographing a batter and a pitcher.  Rosa continues to be my student most dedicated to improving her photography despite a heavy job workload, not to mention taking care of Kristina and Matthew!  

Rosa, Matthew & Kristina taking a breather after the sports DSLR photography lesson