Mangrove Coast of Ft. Desoto Park

This felt like an old childhood "hiding spot" under the canopy of this mangrove tree in Ft. Desoto State Park

Before settling in for a full afternoon and evening of football, I felt it important that I head out in the morning to be around a bit of quiet nature.  The Arrowhead Trail at Ft. Desoto Park is a short one, only about 1.5 miles long, but it is little trafficked and has a few of its own small, secret beaches.  Mangroves claim most of the coast along the edges of the peninsula the Arrowhead Trail follows, but there are a few openings that I fully intend to return to in the spring and use as private swimming holes.

 I have always been very curious about these organic deposits in otherwise clear water.

The first time I came to this area it was low tide and there was a good length of beach.  It was high tide this time, however, so the beachhead was limited to just a few spots.  Still, there was enough space to stand and gaze out over the intercoastal waterway in peace with only a baby horseshoe crab for company, who politely did not make a sound.

One of nearly countless spots on Florida's west coast that would make for great, scenic kayaking