Timberon, New Mexico mountain forest rural land real estate drone video

Drone Over and Through the Woods

Never been to Timberon? Never heard of Timberon, New Mexico? It is a very small, hidden community down a long, twisting mountain road south of Cloudcroft. If you long for trees and living in a forest, this is the place for you! I was there for a second time recently on a rural land real estate shoot on assignment for Hemingway Land flying my DJI Mavic Pro drone over rural land real estate in challenging conditions. Note how much the trees are blowing in the drone video. Plus, the property was entirely tree covered, and sloping uphill away from me where I was flying from. It does not get much harder than that for flying a drone. How to make the video interesting when it is nothing but trees?? Lots of gimbal movement!

For the still photography, totally tree covered land is also a challenge as most of the photos end up just looking like a bunch of trees. To avoid this, I try and find as open of a space as there is, vary the angles I shoot at, and get some close-up macro shots. The aerial drone photos work especially well here to show the property in context, high above the trees.

Forest Photos of Timberon, New Mexico

Aerial Drone Photos of Timberon, New Mexico