ABQ Entrepreneur Event Photography at 1 Million Cups

1 Million Cups is fun for presenter and audience alike in Albuquerque, New Mexico

A community for entrepreneurs

Being part of a community is pretty important for an entrepreneur. There is no better community for an entrepreneur to be a part of in Albuquerque, New Mexico than 1 Million Cups. I have been going nearly every Wednesday for 8 months straight and enjoy listening to the stories of the presenters about how they started their business, and the challenges they are currently facing. The presenter asks the audience for feedback and with any needs they have. This benefits all in attendance at the event. I always take away one nugget or thought to keep in mind as I go home to work on my photography and drone business. Today it is about keeping my work space even tidier than I normally do per the advice of Feng Shui with Connie K. There are also free donuts and coffee each week too, if that appeals to you!

Everyone is welcome to attend at 9am on Wednesday mornings at FatPipe ABQ.

1 Million Cups Event Photography Albuquerque, New Mexico