Surprise Engagement Photography in Albuquerque New Mexico

A live engagement shoot with dogs in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Live engagement shoot with dogs!

Bobby called me up asking if I could do a live photoshoot of him proposing to his girlfriend. I said yes, I could, and I have actually done this very thing before back on a beach in Florida. Now there are a lot of variables that go into any outside, on location photoshoot, and even more for a live shoot. Luckily, with as much preparation and planning as we could do beforehand, everything worked well for the live shoot! I casually pretended to be photographing the mountains while Bobby put bowties on the dogs and got the ring out.

After that it was celebration photo time with Bobby, and now fiancee Desiree, and their dogs Nova and Austin. Jessica assisted on this shoot holding the big 36” Cheetahstand parabolic softbox for those shots. Then at least it was time for the dogs to run and do what they came to the park to do!

This shoot was a lot of fun. The thrill of the live shoot happening first, then getting to photograph people and dogs together is another favorite of mine. Congrats to Bobby and Desiree!

The Proposal

Time to celebrate!

Now the dogs get to play!