Drone Video for Business Branding in Corrales New Mexico

Drone Video for Authentic Branding in New Mexico

Barb & Dr. Norm are long time photography clients and networking friends here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Recently they become drone video clients as well and I got to visit their home in Corrales! They wanted a drone video for branding that showcased both their personalities and their lifestyle. Well, their personalities are fun and quirky, and their lifestyle is very natural and healthy. As you can see in the drone video above, we captured both! One of my all time favorite drone shots is the clip of them lying on their backs by the fish pond and the drone just slowly spiraling up while the fish (very cooperatively) swim around.

Check out their website for health and wellness lifestyle coaching, Purple Mulch. They are already using the video right on their landing page!

Drone video is an eye catching way to express your authentic brand, personality, and lifestyle that is a revolution for marketing. Click the buttons below to schedule your drone video anywhere in New Mexico!

Aerial Drone Photos for Branding Marketing Social Media in New Mexico

BTS shot with Barb, the drone, and the helipad