Modern Headshot in Albuquerque for your About Page to land clients

Modern executive headshot photography in Albuquerque New Mexico

Having a headshot on your website gets more clients

In asking for feedback from a client about why that client chose me, among the multiple reasons given, the one that stood out to me was because I had a picture of myself on my website. This is the exact advice I give to many people I meet at networking events that have, to me, anonymous websites without their photo and sometimes even without their name anywhere on the site. If I meet you in person, I will go to your website later to follow up and seeing a modern, professional headshot helps me remember who I was talking to. If we have never met and I am seeking out a service or product, seeing the face of the actual person behind that business makes a big difference to me personally. I believe this is especially if your job involves working with people. People want to see who they will be working with, hiring, making a purchase from. This is one of many reason why having a modern, professional headshot is not only critical, but also the best value in marketing and branding there is!