Stunning Las Cruces New Mexico Sunset 4K Drone Video & Aerial Photos

Beautiful Isolated Las Cruces Desert

Out on assignment for Hemingway Land in Las Cruces, New Mexico, miles of dirt road took me to an isolated, but beautiful rural desert real estate property with great views of the Organ Mountains. In fact mountains highlighted the views to the west and the north as well. I was actually right in this same remote section of desert in May for another even harder to reach property. I was relieved to discover the washed out road with deep ruts was now mostly filled in with chalky dirt that covered myself and my Jeep nearly entirely. I had to be extra careful to keep my cameras and my drone clean!

Besides that, the sunset cooperated nicely, and by the time the coyotes started howling, I was already packing up and on my way safely back into my Jeep! There was even a little time to explore around with Jessica and the dogs finding some shotgun blasted CRT TVs and a mysterious square shaped trench. Who put the backbreaking labor to dig it in the rock hard desert dirt? Who knows! Such are the mysteries of the New Mexico desert!

Signature HDR Rural Land Real Estate Photographs

Aerial Drone Photos Las Cruces Desert

Organ Mountains Las Cruces New Mexico

Desert road less traveled