Albuquerque Summerfest 2019 Car Show Detail Photos

In the old days these cars would be lined up for a street race! - Albuquerque Car Photography

Going for details with car show photography in Albuquerque

To my surprise the car show featured at Albuquerque Summerfest 2019 was much bigger than I expected. As with most car shows, get photos of entire cars is a challenge due to people walking all around the cars, so as is my usual custom, I focus on getting detail shots, this time with my trusty 50mm f/1.8 lens. In the lead photo I cleaned up the background removing a few people to leave a clean shot of the front of a powerful yellow 427 balanced by the double center white line passing through the bottom of the frame. I look for contrasting lines, with the double white and then the black stripe on the car.

They don’t make car horns like this anymore!

Classic Car Hoods Albuquerque Car Photography