BMW M3 E46 Track Package Santa Fe Car Photography

The modern classic and future class BMW M3 E46 generation photographed in Santa Fe, New Mexico

A Modern Classic, and a Future Classic in One

There was a time just a few years ago I was quite taken with the BMW M3 E46.  It is a hardcore sports car that can be had on the used market for the price of a regular new car, but maybe just for now as it will only start to go up in value for low-mileage examples like the one pictured here. The original owner is selling it via so I traveled up to Santa Fe, New Mexico to photograph it for him.

This E46 M3 was a joy to photograph and admire from all angles.  To be honest, white would not be my first color choice, but with those track package wheels and the contrasting black interior, it did look very striking, even for just a white vehicle.  For the same client I also photographed his Ferrari 308 GTS before the BMW, but if said like Mr. Miyagi, take your pick, I would choose the BMW M3 over the old Ferrari 308 GTS without hesitation!

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