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BMW M3 E46 Track Package Santa Fe Car Photography

BMW M3 E46 Track Package Santa Fe Car Photography

A Modern Classic, and a Future Classic in One

There was a time just a few years ago I was quite taken with the BMW M3 E46.  It is a hardcore sports car that can be had on the used market for the price of a regular new car, but maybe just for now as it will only start to go up in value for low-mileage examples like the one pictured here. The original owner is selling it via so I traveled up to Santa Fe, New Mexico to photograph it for him.

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Ferrari 308 GTS Santa Fe New Mexico Car Photography

Ferrari 308 GTS Santa Fe New Mexico Car Photography

Straight Out of Magnum PI

If you watched Magnum PI in the 1980s, like I did, and revisited it on Netflix in recent times, through all those years I thought the only thing you needed to thwart bad guys in Hawaii was your wits, and of course a Ferrari 308 GTS!  So when Bring A Trailer contacted me about photographing this supercar up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was very excited!

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Albuquerque Car Photography Nissan 370z Rohana Wheels

Albuquerque Car Photography Nissan 370z Rohana Wheels

My first car photography shoot in Albuquerque, New Mexico was for a new client, Rohana Wheels.  I was only contacted by them just last month so I was very excited to already have a shoot for them.  My excitement was doubled to get to shoot with a New Mexico background too, although the owner of the car suggested an industrial site, there were still Sandia Mountains in some shots.

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Ferrari F430 Spider Tampa Florida Car Photography black white or yellow??

Ferrari F430 Spider with black & white filter from Silver Efex Pro 2 entirely changing the look of the car - Tampa Car PhotographyConverting a color photograph into a black & white photograph is not a one result affair.  There are many, many possible results of black & white conversion.  A program like Silver Efex Pro makes this conversion process easy in addition to producing the best results.  Starting with a yellow Ferrari F430 Spider, applying a pinhole black & white filter makes the Ferrari appear white while darkening the entire background and foreground.  The supercar appears to now glow in its setting.

Using a different filter in Silver Efex Pro 2 makes the Ferrari F430 Spider look black - Tampa Car PhotographyStarting with the same yellow Ferrari image, choosing the full spectrum inverse filter in Silver Efex Pro flips everything, so that darks appear light and vice versa resulting in the yellow Ferrari looking like a sleek black exotic car.  The neutral colored existing background is little changed with this filter, especially since no vignetting is applied either.

The actual yellow color of this Ferrari F430 Spider - Tampa Car PhotographySo starting with the yellow HDR image of a Ferrari F430 Spider seen above, it is possible to make radically different looking black & white versions of the car photograph.  Which is your favorite look--white, black or yellow?

Audi R8 Clearwater Car Photography on digital orange background

Audi R8 supercar at Crown Audi in Clearwater - Nikon D300 f/11 ISO 200 5-exposure HDR - orange background added digitallyWhile photographing an Audi A3 premiere event at Crown Audi in Clearwater, I took a moment to make a photograph of an Audi R8 supercar that was also on site.  It was parked just outside the greenhouse like showroom, which made for a pretty good background, but when I was shooting it I already had in mind I would remove it from the existing background and put it on a digital one.  

Below is the existing background HDR image.  Despite the complexity of the background, it was not too complicated to use the Quick Select tool in Photoshop and cut out the Audi R8 onto an empty layer.  I chose an orange gradient digital background as recently I am starting to really like that color (also used for a headshot).

The same Audi R8 as above in its original setting at Crown Audi in Clearwater Florida - 5-exposure HDR

One day it would be nice to be able to just shoot a car in a large studio with an existing white background for an even easier and more efficient editing process.  

McLaren MP4-12C stylized HDR profile view Tampa Car Photography

McLaren MP4-12C photographed in Tampa Florida on digital background - Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50mm @ f/8 ISO 200 9-exposure HDR

Back in October I received a media pass to the Cars & Couture event in Tampa where I had the opportunity to photograph the event as a whole, and some supercars in particular like the above McLaren MP4-12C.  As is usually the case at car shows, all of them were parked pretty close to each other and there were people and other objects around in the background.  To focus just on the car I try to compose a view minimizing the background, and in this case, just remove the background altogether.  

The actual background of the McLaren MP4-12C shot from Cars & Couture event in TampaCoincidentally, I think I saw this McLaren parked in a neighbor's driveway just this past weekend!

Classic Car Photography Florida Tampa St. Petersburg Clearwater

Jason Collin Photography wants to help you always remember your classic car with a custom classic car photography package.  Available for the St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando and Sarasota areas.  Contact Jason today, a car lover himself, to preserve your beautiful classic car for the future with digitial photographs and the present with fine art prints.