Ferrari 308 GTS Santa Fe New Mexico Car Photography

If you ever watched Magnum PI, then you will recognize the Ferrari 308 GTS - Photographed in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a Nikon D750 & Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 G2 lens

Straight Out of Magnum PI

If you watched Magnum PI in the 1980s, like I did, and revisited it on Netflix in recent times, through all those years I thought the only thing you needed to thwart bad guys in Hawaii was your wits, and of course a Ferrari 308 GTS!  So when Bring A Trailer contacted me about photographing this supercar up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was very excited!  

Photographed for an Auction Site

For an auction site like Bring A Trailer they want creative, but very informative car photos, so I could not get that crazy with how I photographed this Ferrari.  Nevertheless, it is a Ferrari and just photographing it in front of a garage, in good light, with the right lens, produces pretty stunning images.  All of the photos below are shot with natural light, save for a few interior shots where I used a strobe light to fill in the shadows a bit.