Edgewood New Mexico Sunset Fine Art Photo & Drone Video

Sunset seen through the trees in Edgewood, New Mexico

Trying to find the sunset in Edgewood, New Mexico

Out on a rural land photography assignment in Edgewood, New Mexico, I was warned by the land broker that access to this 5-acre property might be challenging.  It certainly was!  Barbed wire and gates blocked the first few access road, and the last, "legal access" point was down an eroded incline even too extreme for my Jeep Renegade Trailhawk!  I had to park at the top of the incline, then carry about 40 pounds of photographer gear, drone gear and my tripod for about a third of a mile first down that incline then up a rocky ridge.  

Once on the property on the ridge itself, finding enough open space to get some kind of sunset shot was the next challenge.  Using my ultra-wide angle Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 SP lens, even a small opening can seem larger, as in the above photo.  I caught the sun just as it was in a gap between a couple of trees.  Oh, and the gnats!  They were swarming me the entire time!  This was a challenging rural land shoot for sure, but being a professional no matter if things are easy or hard, I do my best to produce outstanding photos and drone video for the client. 

4K Drone Video of Hidden Ridge Rural Land Property