Dali Museum DSLR Photography Lesson with Pam & her Canon 60D

Pam with her Canon 60D at the New Dali Museum during our 8th & final DSLR Photography LessonIn the two full years I have been teaching 1-on-1 private DSLR Photography Lessons here in the St. Petersburg area, Pam is now my most tenured student as last evening she took her eighth total lesson.  We went to my new favorite location for having a lesson, the new Salvador Dali Museum at the southern edge of the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront.  The museum offers the opportunity for architecture, macro and portrait photography, as well as night time tripod shots.  

Over the course of our 16 hours of photography lesson time together Pam has learned well how to shoot in manual mode and to take control over exposure to produce a shot as she wants be it in daylight, twilight or full on night.  This is the most important skill one needs to be able to continually improve as a photographer, and to be able to start to teach oneself how to shoot better.  Therefore, I am confident Pam will be able to from this point on improve her skills on her own each time she goes out shooting.  

Thanks Pam and I look forward to seeing your work in the future!

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