50mm DSLR Photography Lesson at a St. Petersburg Florida Marina

Pam showing very good portrait orientation holding technique with her Canon 60D during our 7th photography lesson!For our seventh DSLR Photography Lesson I met Pam in the usual downtown St. Petersburg spot, but thanks to her mother-in-law, who has a sailboat docked at a nearby marina, we were able to shoot from a unique spot on the southern waterfront area.  A huge thunderstorm also passed harmlessly by at the start of the lesson, leaving us free to explore new shooting locations among the long and narrow piers of the marina.  

This was a 50mm only lesson, and Pam kept it secret from me that she upgraded her Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens for a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens since our last 50mm only lesson!!  When a student gets new gear for me it is almost as exciting as if I got some new gear myself!  Pam wanted a 50mm lens with better build quality, which the Canon 50mm f/1.4 provides with a metal housing and an silent focusing motor.

A unique vantage point for photographing the new Dali Museum - Pam with her Canon 60DThe marina provided unique views of both The Pier and the new Salvador Dali Museum.  The setting sun had plenty of clouds around it producing great dusk light for us to photograph both of them in.  Pam now has all the photography gear she needs to produce the shots she wants and during our thirteenth and fourteenth hours of instruction she is beginning to understand and realize the settings she needs to change in order to correct exposure mistakes, while developing her own composition style.  

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