Sunny Florida at f/11 project #07 - Tampa Bay Panorama in Portrait Orientation

click for larger version - Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 @ f/11 ISO 200 6-shot panorama in portrait orientation (handheld)

I have taken my new interest and excitement over panorama images to the Sunny Florida f/11 project.  I have used the area in and around Vinoy Park for a majority of my f/11 project photos because I am simply in that area the most with my camera due to it being a prime spot I use for my DSLR Photography Lessons.  It also happens to be my favorite spot in all of St. Petersburg both for photography and just for the feeling of openness and Freedom I feel when I am there.  

For this shot I turned my Nikon D300 into portrait orientation instead of the usual landscape orientation used to make most panorama shots.  In my mind one cannot use portrait orientation enough as landscape orientation dominates so much.  So let's make that a mini-photography tip, use portrait orientation more than you currently do!

Florida's best natural feature for landscape photographs is its sky, in my opinion.  Florida from Tampa down is a pancake and there are few tall buildings.  Thus, many places have near 180 degree or greater wide open from the horizon to the stars views.  Throw in the subtropical weather patterns and that makes for dramatic skies on nearly a daily basis.  Then of course there are the fantastic sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico here on the west coast of Florida.  Therefore, since there are no mountains or other large natural features, I often look to the sky for making landscape shots.  What about you?