DSLR Photography Lesson feedback from Rossie

Rossie and I had our first DSLR photography lesson together last Thursday.  Using his great illustrator skills he sent me feedback about the lesson in the form you see above.  It is reposted with his permission.  

First I want to thank Rossie very much for taking the time to not only provide feedback, but also doing it in such an artistic way.  

To be honest, teaching DSLR photography lessons makes up only a very small percent of my photography income, but I do it because I really like to meet people with an interest in photography and help them anyway I can to expand their photography knowledge.  

I know when I started out with my first DSLR (Nikon D80) I thought it would be like a magic wand I could just wave around and produce National Geographic covers one right after another.  In reality, the first time I went out with it I could not even get a pigeon shot in focus!  I learned by going out every day on my own taking hundreds of shots and learning by trial and error.  So now one of my aims with the DSLR photography lessons I offer is to provide the opportunity for people to get a head start with 1-on-1 real world instruction, rather than to have to go through what I did the first few weeks after owning a DSLR camera. 

Of course I, myself, still often learn from more experienced photographers in the area and online and continue to try and teach myself new techniques and styles.  For example, in the past few weeks I started to use a two-strobe setup for portrait work (in the past I just used a one-strobe setup).  I will be posting some of those shots soon.

Thank you again to Rossie and for all the comments I have received from other past DSLR photography students.   

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