Melanie's DSLR Photography Lesson at University of Tampa

Our 3rd DSLR Photography Lesson began on the roof of a parking garage at University of TampaThis was my first DSLR Photography Lesson on the University of Tampa campus, a location I have used for portrait work in the past.  During Melanie's 3rd lesson (2nd, 1st) we mostly built on what we had done the previous two lessons.  The UT campus was a refreshing change of scenery from the usual downtown St. Petersburg locals and since we had to park at the top of a 5-story parking garage, we were able to start the lesson with a few cityscape shots of downtown Tampa.

We focused more on composition and making a photograph this third lesson.  I was constantly having Melanie try for non-eye level shots of the UT campus, which often required taking the shot on one knee or even in a fully seated, bent over position.  However, doing this allows for images that you cannot see from just standing in the same spot, which to me is one of the steps toward making a photograph.

Melanie has greatly improved her camera holding technique and her ability to navigate her Nikon D90's menus.  Now with the composition skills we practiced in our third lesson, I look forward to seeing what shots she can make on her own.