DSLR Photography Lesson #2 with Melanie and very senior softball!

Melanie and her Nikon D90 showing good shooting form, left palm under the lens, elbow locked in.

It was yet another blustery, chilly Saint Petersburg morning for the DSLR Photography Lesson I had with Melanie today, her second lesson.  At least it was sunny.  For this lesson, we focused almost entirely on shooting sports, to be specific, the 3/4th Century Softball club.  I will be profiling them in detail in a post next week.  

You have to of had your 74th birthday to play softball with these guys!

We were able to get right on the field for the softball game, along the third baseline.   I taught Melanie how to best hold her Nikon D90 in portrait orientation mode.  In general we focused a lot on making sure she was holding her camera in optimal position for producing  a sharp shot throughout the lesson.  

The other major focus of the lesson was, well, focus.  How to get a focus lock on a moving subject at various distances from the lens.  For this we used both single and multi-point focus, showing the strengths and weaknesses of each for photographing a team sport like softball.

It was a challenging type of photography for just our second lesson, but Melanie was able to produce some nice action shots of players rounding third especially.  For our next lesson, we will switch to architecture and landscapes, subjects a bit easier to get a focus lock on!