Classic Late 19th Century Military Couple Portrait

This couple kindly agreed to let me make their portrait on the University of Tampa Campus

EXIF DATA:  Aperture priority f/8 1/60th ISO 200 - Nikon D300 with Tamron XR Di II 17-50mm

STROBIST:  Nikon SB-600 Speedlight full power with cap diffuser hand held to frame upper left triggered by commander mode on Nikon D300

(Whenever possible, I will be including the EXIF and strobist information with each new photo story.)

This is maybe the sharpest portrait I have ever made using the Tamron XR Di II 17-50mm lens.  I was teaching a DSLR Photography Lesson on the University of Tampa campus when the student and I came across this couple.  The student first approached them and asked if she could take a photo.  After she finished I made my portrait using my "quick and dirty" portrait method of just holding my SB-600 off camera in my left hand extended as far out as I can, while balancing my Nikon D300 in just my right hand.  I believe it is a method I am getting good at!  Of course I would prefer to be able to setup my light stand, put the SB-600 right up on it, and have two hands on my camera to carefully get the exact composition I want, but unless I am working with a portrait client, that usually is just not possible (unless you setup a street model shoot!).

So I have been working on my "quick and dirty" portrait method while making the portraits of my students during their lessons.

This couple was standing on the front porch of the Plant Building looking very dignified, quite in contrast to the attire, or lack there of, that many of the student body choose to decorate themselves with these days.  I had no trouble addressing the couple as sir and ma'am.  Even if it was just acting or just the costumes, they had an aura of class and dignity about themselves.  

No doubt wearing such outfits back in the pre-airconditioning days of Florida no less would be intolerable to those accustomed to t-shirts, shorts and 70 degree controlled climates.  Heck, I cannot even wear cotton as that is too stuffy for me, all synthetics only.  Still, I am very enamored by the formality such attire creates.  I thank this couple deeply for offering me a few minutes of time travel.