Andrea takes DSLR Lesson #4 - all on a tripod

The first DSLR photography lesson all on a tripod. Andrea photographs an unusual waterfall in downtown St Petersburg

Andrea took her first DSLR Photography Lesson with me just last month, but today was already our fourth lesson (1st, 2nd, 3rd), thank you Andrea!  Today we kept her Nikon D3000 on a tripod the entire time.  We intended to photograph landscapes, but upcoming preparations for a grand prix race put a bit of a barrier on that.  Still, we covered many photography composition styles, like repetition, leading lines and S-curves.  

Tripods slow down your photography, in a good way.  This lesson we took our time and really focused on getting the composition just right before pushing the shutter.  

We ended the lesson making black & white shots.  It was sunset time, but we had no cooperation from mother nature with completely overcast skies, so with no color to capture I made the suggestion that we should shoot with the intention of making black & white images.  I usually decide to make an image black & white when the colors in it do not pop, or I want to focus on the contrast between light and dark directly.  

I look forward to seeing Andrea's shots of a banyan tree and a seemingly ordinary sidewalk especially.  

Andrea told me she ordered the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens, so our next lesson will focus entirely on using that lens.  I am sure she will capture some great shallow DoF shots.