Andrea's Birthday Present DSLR Photography Lesson

Andrea got a Nikon D3000 and my DSLR Photography Lesson as her birthday presents!

The second lesson in a row that was given as a birthday present!  Not only was Andrea given a 2-hour DSLR Photography Lesson with me for her birthday, but even better a Nikon D3000!  Andrea loves to travel abroad, often going to Central America, but has traveled in Asia a lot too.  Part of the reason why she wanted to make the jump to a DSLR camera and to learn how to use it, was to be able to better make photographs on her travels.  This also was one of the main reasons for getting into photography for myself, I wanted to have photographic records of my international travel that I could look back on years later and relive my travel experiences and share them with others.  

Andrea practicing the underhand lens grip that is best for getting a steady shot, but do not forget to lock that elbow in too!

I found Andrea's Nikon D3000 to have responsive menus and fast action for zooming in and around images on the back LCD.  My first Nikon, the D80, had considerable lag making reviewing images feel like your camera is stuck in molasses.  Andrea, with my coaching, practiced switching settings on her D3000 for action shots to landscapes.  We covered a lot of settings for a first lesson and with continued practice I am sure Andrea will be able to setup a landscape shot right after shooting action in no time.  Andrea mentioned a possible trip to Ecuador this summer so I hope our lessons together can enable her to come home with some amazing photographs!  I look forward to our next lesson and further helping her toward reaching that goal.