DSLR Photography Lesson with Julie in Saint Petersburg

With each DSLR Photography Lesson you also get one portrait included!

Julie received her DSLR Photography Lesson as a gift, which is starting to turn into the most popular way for me to get new students.  A person's significant other sends me an e-mail or gives me a call asking if they can give a lesson as a gift, I say absolutely, boom, a lucky person becomes the recipient of a fairly creative gift idea if I do say so myself.  

Julie really likes to take pictures, and has taken quite a few good shots, but I began to teach her today how to make photographs by taking control of her DSLR, a Canon XTi.  Like many of my students, she was using the various preset modes on her DSLR, but was not satisfied with the results "sports mode" or any of the other modes produced.  So we went right into aperture priority mode and said good-bye forever to the little icon of the guy running on the XTi mode dial.  

During this first lesson we mostly focused on the meaning of aperture and how to set it for photographing still or moving objects.  Added in was making sure to use the correct focus mode and the right ISO, and of course white balance too.  Lastly, we briefly touched on the virtue of external flash, which is how I was able to make the above portrait of Julie in broad daylight.

Julie absorbed a lot in our first lesson--I was impressed--and is ready to go out and practice on her own before we have our second lesson.  Now, will her significant other give her the second lesson as a gift too or . . . ?