Andrea's second DSLR Photography lesson at Sunken Gardens

Solid proof of a DSLR Photography lesson in Sunken Gardens, which lately is more sunken than garden!

Andrea's schedule changed allowing us to have our second DSLR Photography Lesson this week.  After having explored downtown Saint Petersburg in our first lesson, for the second we went to Sunken Gardens.  We started out reviewing some photographs of her dogs she had made in her backyard and what camera settings could have been used to improve their sharpness.  Later we put this to practical practice with me taking on the part of running dog!  

Another focus of this lesson was finding what light helps us get the best exposure, focus lock and color saturation.  Often photographing the flower in most direct sunlight is not as good as photographing the one next to it in shade.  We also added a new setting to our photographer's toolkit -- exposure compensation.  A flamingo was standing in direct sunlight, and with the usual acceptable camera settings, there was no detail in the feathers.  So I had Andrea adjust the exposure compensation on her Nikon D3000 to -0.07 and then in the next shot we could see details in all the flamingo's feathers and more of the feathers' pink color.

We have already booked our next lesson (thank you Andrea!), and thankfully Andrea will be bringing her dogs as we will go to Ft. Desoto's Dog Park and Dog Beach, which means I do not have to do anymore running!