Shiprock in the New Mexico Desert Drone Video & Aerial Photos

All my brief time in New Mexico I heard of something called, Shiprock.  I heard many things about it.   "It is a spiritual place."  "It is very hard to drive to."  "You have to go there."  I can now say all of those statements are true.  After several wrong turns, accompanied by Jessica, our dogs, and two friends visiting from Florida, I pointed my Jeep Renegade Trailhawk down the correct dirt road and rolled slowly toward this towering rock formation that the day before was visible from 30+ miles away in Arizona.  Twilight was already arriving as we arrived.  The rain held off and provided dramatic clouds for the background of the photographs I took from the surface with my Nikon, and the drone photos and video I took from the air.  

Shiprock at Twilight Photographs

Shiprock Drone Aerial Photos