Food Photography Albuquerque New Mexico Brickyard Pizza

Professional Food Photography at Brickyard Pizza in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pizza Fun to Eat, Fun to Photograph?

I am not sure where pizza would rank in favorite foods in the U.S., but I would be surprised if it was not in the top 5.  But, how is pizza to photograph?  For menu shots like the photographs you see here which is what the client wanted, the trick is showing enough of the pizza to give an overall impression, without showing the entire pizza which can then end up just looking like a bumpy circle on a plate.  There was no opportunity for a glory shot with a spatula lifting a gooey slice off the pan or anything like that, but nevertheless I always try to be as creative as possible, even if just making shots for a menu like I did at Brickyard Pizza in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Thank you to Jessica for assisting on this shoot and for the BTS shot of me making a BTS shot!