Saguaro Cactus Dying Cyclops of the Arizona Desert

Second Chance for Saguaro Cactus!

Earlier this year I drove through Phoenix and the amazing saguaro cactus desertscape and kept thinking, around the next corner I will stop and get some photos.  The next corner turned into the next corner and then at the next corner, the saguaro cactus were all gone.  I had missed my chance.  On a recent return to Phoenix I made sure to be ready to stop on the approach to the city, find a dirt road, pull off, and both get still photos with my Nikon and 4K video with my DJI Mavic Pro drone.

I took a much more stylized approach to my edit of the drone video this time, rather than the nature documentary style of most of my previous drone videos.  What do you think?

Does this saguaro cactus look like a cyclops with an open mouth and raised arms to you too??

A Cyclops Saguaro??

I have mostly seen prickly pear cactus and other churro looking cactus.  The latter I often so dried out and lifeless in the deserts of New Mexico.  Seeing this start to happen to a large, majestic saguaro kind of took me aback, as I thought are these not immortal if they can survive in the desert so tall and proud?  The above saguaro in particular as it starts to decay I thought looked like a cyclops screaming out in pain with its arms up and one arm suffering gun shot wounds.  Do you see that too??

Saguaro Cactus of Phoenix, Arizona Photo Gallery