Wild Horses of Monument Valley Utah Photography

A wild horse grazing in Monument Valley Utah at dawn - Nikon D7200 with Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 G2 lens

Wild Horses of Monument Valley

I spent a bookend of twilight and dawn in Monument Valley in Utah.  During the dawn, I met these wild horses, some of whom were just standing staring listlessly with their ribs and hip joints jutting out.  Others equally as bony grazed on thorny brush.  They seemed to not care about my presence, maybe too hungry?  After the horse above had finished munching on that bush, I went and touched it and it hurt my hand even with a gentle touch.  How that horse could chew on and eat it is beyond me.  Even though it was sad to see them so skinny, it was still special to share the quiet dawn in Monument Valley with them, unexpected friends.