Professional Food Photography in Albuquerque New Mexico at Carraro's

Natural light and natural balance!

UberEats sends me about one or two food photography assignments per month, after doing about 30 when they first debuted that service 1.5 years ago. This time I went to Carraro’s in the UNM area of Albuquerque. UberEats wants natural light from a window in the restaurant, and fill light can be added by using a reflector, which is what I used even for this hero shot. I propped the reflector against the table with my camera bag, stood on a chair, flipped out the screen on my Nikon D750, pointed the camera straight down, and boom, hero shot! It took me a few tries to align the food who I liked and to make sure none of the plates overlapped. Just using a little natural light, and my own natural balance to get a professional food photo!