Professional Head to Toe Headshots for Lawyers in Albuquerque New Mexico

The setup used to make professional head to toe headshots - 42” main light, 26” fill light, and two 12”x55” strip boxes on the white paper background to make it truly seamless.

Light it right to get it right

Having the right lighting setup is always important for headshots, and especially so for what I call head to toe headshots, or full body headshots. I previously shared commercial portraits I made of the attorneys and staff of Giddens Law in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These are the head to toe headshots made right in a small conference room in their office! The conference table had to be moved to feet the 9’ wide seamless white paper background, but other than that a full studio setup right in a lawyer’s office!

Thanks to Jessica for assisting on this shoot and to Diane for getting the attorneys to choose me as their photographer!

Full Body Headshots in Albuquerque New Mexico