Lawyer Group Photography for Albuquerque New Mexico Attorney Office

Lawyer group photos can be fun in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Making lawyer photographs that are not stereotypical in ABQ

How to make a photograph of lawyers not looking like the typical photo of lawyers? My first thought was to have the lawyers in different positions, as in not all of them standing with arms crossed, not looking sternly into the lens. I wanted movement in the photo. I wanted personality in the photo. The result was the above photo. Using the lobby in their office building in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I thought the available bench with a glass and plant background could work. Thanks to my assistant Jessica for the tip to move the bench out away from the wall to position the standing lawyer better. I have since learned this was the lawyers’ favorite shot from the photo session as well!

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How I made the photo

Lighting was simple, just one Godox AD600 in my new 42” Cheetahstand Quick SoupBowl round softbox. I have to give thanks to the team at Cheetahstand for getting the softbox to me in time for this shoot. It is my 5th lighting modifier from them, and they always get them shipped to me quickly!

Networking is often the key

My last but not least thank you is to Diane for having her law office choose me as their photographer. I first met Diane at a networking event some months ago. We are both Ambassadors of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber and regularly attend networking events. I extra appreciate it when people I know choose me as their photographer!

Albuquerque Law Office Group Photos

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