Headshot for LinkedIn in Albuquerque New Mexico with Shannon

Want to stand out on LinkedIn? Get a modern headshot in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Standout on LinkedIn with a modern headshot

People are starting to find me specifically looking for headshots for LinkedIn. The more headshots I make and the more I write blog posts about how important it is to standout with a modern headshot, the more I find clients wanting a new headshot for LinkedIn specifically I get. When I make a new connection on LinkedIn and am then offered other people I may want to connect with, I scroll down looking at who has a professional looking headshot, and who has some casual photo taking with a cell phone with a busy background. What kind of impression do you want to make with potential employers, clients, and customers? Shannon definitely wanted to make the best impression she could on LinkedIn regarding the visual impact a modern headshot presents to anyone browsing her profile, looking to make a connection, and even thinking about hiring her.

If your headshot is not making the impression you want, contact me today for a headshot session at the JCP Home Studio or right at the location of your choice for maximum convenience.