Albuquerque Commercial Product Photography - kids sleeping bags for Morrison Outdoors

Commercial product photography good enough for REI right in Albuquerque New Mexico!

The technical challenge of product photography

I find product photography to be one of the biggest technical challenges in the photography work I do in the JCP Home Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The latest product shoot was certainly a challenge, but one I really enjoyed as Tavis brought his newly designed very cold weather sleeping bags designed for kids. Check out Morrison Outdoors for how to buy these sleeping bags.

What specifically was the challenge this time?

The challenge this time was that the client wanted a pure white background, but the product was large and flat. Normally when making a headshot for example on a white background, I put the background far behind the subject and am able to blast it with light to make it pure white. Since the subject is not near the background relatively, this blast of light has no impact. In the case of a sleeping bag, it is right on the background and blasting it with light would overexposure the sleeping bag itself.

How did you solve it?

First, check out the BTS shot below to see how I ended up shooting the sleeping bags for the overheads shots. I placed the light directly overhead to light up the subject, then at an angle I had two strip lights that lit up the white paper background as much as possible without affecting the sleeping bag. Straight out of the camera, the photos looked like they were on a dirty white background at best. So in editing I selected just the sleeping bag, plus a little of the existing shadow, then painted in pure white digitally in Photoshop to get the totally white background, while maintaining the color and contrast of each sleeping bag.

These are the technical challenges I solve for clients to deliver the exact photos they want of their products! This is why I am a top three commercial photographer in the entire city, because I can encounter a challenge, then solve it in a timely manner and get the desired results for the client. Use the buttons below to get professional product photography for your products!

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