Rockhound State Park & Florida Mountains New Mexico landscapes

Florida Mountains in southern New Mexico

Wondrous rocks of Rockhound & Florida Mountains

Over the course of three hours in the desert southeast of Deming, New Mexico covering over 50 miles, many of it dirt road, I was treated to various views of both Rockhound State Park and the Florida Mountains. These have unusual names, but perhaps because of their unusual rock formations. I was actually being paid to enjoy these views as I actually in the midst of a six location rural land real estate photo shoot. Even though it was of course hot, the weather was otherwise near ideal for day time landscape photography with plenty of clouds and mountains on the horizon in most directions. I was quite busy driving to all these locations, but I did take time to pause, and realize the amazing desert environment I was all out all alone in.

Observant followers of this website may recognize some of these rock formations from a trip in March to neighboring Spring Canyon State Park.

Rock formations of Rockhound State Park & Florida Mountains

Saddle in the Mountains