Lac Cruces New Mexico Lawyer Headshots

Making professional headshots in Lac Cruces New Mexico for a law firm

3 hours to a professional headshot shoot

Noble Law Firm contacted me about making professional headshots for all their lawyers across three cities in New Mexico. One of those cities was Las Cruces over 3 hours to the south of Albuquerque! They wanted consistency in the headshots so I told them yes, I can go to Las Cruces, then Santa Fe, and finally the office right here in Albuquerque. After the long drive south, the headshot shoot at the Las Cruces office was one of the most fun I have ever had, especially for headshots!

Headshot guidelines for this shoot

Even though my on location studio setup has a small footprint, the space available was a bit too small even for that, so the great team there made it possible by holding up the white background rather than it being on a light stand saving us 1.5 feet of critical space to make the headshots per the guidelines I was given. You may see these headshots are not exactly my usual style when a client has no preference. For this shoot the person was to be centered in the frame, and photographed from the waist up.

What was the challenge?

What made this shoot so fun? Well, the challenge of shooing in a space that is large for an office, but small for a photo studio, meant that every person in the office had a role during the shoot. And the intern they had for the summer just happened to be a makeup artist too so she was doing real time styling! So of course I was behind the camera, then there was the lawyer being photographed, two other lawyers would raise up the white background, and the fourth person would hold the reflector in front of the person being photographed, which saved more space by not having to have the reflector on a light stand. So when I said action, there were a lot of moving pieces going into place! I wish I had the ability to record the shoot as it was a true team effort making these headshots! Than you Las Cruces team!

Professional Lawyer Headshots in New Mexico