Best Actor Headshots in Albuquerque New Mexico with Taylor

More and more actors are visiting the JCP Home Studio in Albuquerque New Mexico for headshots

Rocking it on her first headshot shoot!

Taylor contacted me about actor headshots here in Albuquerque, New Mexico saying she had never had any made before. I told her that more and more actors are choosing me as their headshot photographer and that I could make great headshots for her like I have for many other actors already this year. As you can see from the headshots in this blogpost, for her very first headshot shoot, Taylor absolutely rocked it! We shot on both a white and a black background as I do for most headshot clients these days. I start shooting on white, and finish with black. The latter color usually wows the client with how different the photo ends up looking. Thank you Taylor for choosing me as your headshot photographer!

Actors choose Jason Collin Photography for Headshots in Albuquerque

Stunning black background actor headshots in Albuquerque