Smiling Aspirational Professional Headshot in Albuquerque with Julie

I was thinking of Kimmy Schmidt for the look of this smiling headshot in ABQ

Smile like Kimmy Schmidt!

It was a great pleasure to have as my last headshot shoot in the old JCP Home Studio, Julie, a returning client. There is nothing better than working with someone you know, and nothing more flattering than someone choosing my photographer services for a second (third, fourth, 20th) time. After we made some more traditional business headshots, Julie was open to getting more creative for some portraits. On her own she was looking up and smiling, which I thought was fantastic as the result is a Kimmy Schmidt looking asperatioanl portrait. It was my favorite one of the photo session! Thank you Julie for choosing me as your photographer again and I look forward to seeing you in the new and improved JCP Home Studio in the future!