Cinematic Drone Video of New Mexico Skies in El Morro

El Morro by drone video and HDR

If you liked the black & white views of El Morro National Monument I showed you earlier this week, well, this land featured here is for sale and about a 15 minute drive to the monument. Plus, you get these sunset views and on special evenings like this one, a purple twilight sky too! Contact Hemingway Land to make this your home, or second home! I was having to will the clouds away all afternoon, and finally just before sunset a sliver of sky opened up just above the horizon allowing the sun to blaze through for me to get these sunset HDR photos. And to fly my Mavic Pro drone one more time producing one of the best into the sun shots I have made to date.

El Morro Sunsets New Mexico True

New Mexico Purple Twilight Skies Photo Gallery