Albuquerque Food Photography at Poki Poki

Hero shot of many Poke Bowl choices at Poki Poki an Asian-Latin fusion restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Poki Poki is just fun to say!

Back out on food photography assignments for UberEats in Albuquerque, New Mexico taking me to Poki Poki, an Asian-Latin fusion restaurant. You build your own bowl of food starting with a base and ending with toppings. This allows, as you can see above, for a wide variety of Poke Bowls you can create. My thanks to Julie for having everything ready and making this the absolute smoothest UberEats food shoot I have done so far!

All photos made using the preferred technique of UberEats of putting a table by an open window, shooting at a 45 degree angle for the individual shots, then a hero shot of all items together. I also used a silver reflector to frame right on each shot for fill light. Poki Poki had a great wood table for the background which really helps the food look best in photos!

ABQ Food Photography Gallery — Poke Bowls at Poki Poki