Albuquerque Convention Center Event Photography Airbus WEEF-GEDC 2018

Winning awards is fun! Albuquerque Convention Center professional event photography hosted by Airbus

Engineers have fun too!

What a great time at the Albuquerque Convention Center photographing the WEEF-GEDC 2018 conference for Airbus! They hired me to photograph happenings at their booth in the vendor space focusing on their hashtag of #embracediversity and their chief engineer Jean Brice speaking at a panel and lastly their big awards dinner! This was one of the most fun events I have ever photographed. Who ever says engineers do not know how to have fun?? Thank you so much to Alina and the rest of the Airbus team for letting me be a part of this!

One question I was asked by a attendee from Kenya, “Why are their so many Qs in your city’s name?” I had no answer only to say I mistype Albuquerque 50% of the time myself!!

Also the theme of this conference was Peace Engineering. What a great theme for a conference, focusing on transforming engineers for a sustainable global future.

The excitement of having your name called!

Embracing Diversity

International Conference Fun!